Face shields and masks straps on my printer

It’s been an uncertain year, even beyond our professional lives. With everything from paper products to webcams in short supply, few markets have struggled more than the small medical practices. Unless you have the buying power of a major hospital or can pull the “we own ventilators” card, PPE for medical professionals is hard to come by.

Thankfully, the Maker community has stepped up. Entire organizations have formed to start making facemasks not only for healthcare professionals, but the population at large. I recently joined the Facebook group “Hamilton County Mask Brigade” who’s seamstresses and clothiers have produced thousands of hand-hewn facemasks from CDC approved/recommended materials and patterns. They have also invited other makers into their community: those who own and operate 3d printers.

Several of us in the group (including Wayne and I) have been producing 3d printed face shields, mask straps, and other items for the group as well as our own friends and clients in the medical industry. Especially now that small medical offices can start operating again, getting PPE to those who need it is even more important.

If your organization needs any of these 3D printed supplies, let us know and we’ll do the best to fulfill those needs! This is not limited to our clients, it is only limited by our ability to produce and deliver, so feel free to ask!