Where would you be without your technology?

Ledger books, replaced by Visicalc in 1983

Imagine where your company would be without any IT at all. No computers, no servers, no mobile devices, no cloud, nothing digital at all. Imagine… Paper forms stored in endless rows of filing cabinets. Doing business at the speed of handwriting. Sending information across the country would take days, not seconds. Even finding a customer record could take 30 minutes (if you’re very well organized) instead of mere moments. In today’s business world, the devices and services that power your business are as critical as your facility. Without your facilities, you wouldn’t be able to function. Just as your office location is an important component to your business success, so is your IT.

Every business these days needs to focus on keeping cost down, but don’t cut corners on your technology. Some people want the “cheapest option” when it comes to technology, and it’s understandable that cost will be a factor. But focusing only on the bottom line is not always the shortest route to cost savings. Your workforce is the heart and soul of your business; they won’t produce their best results using substandard technology.

Are you focused on IT cost or ROI (Return on Investment)?

The Comodore PET 4032, circa 1980

Your modern IT infrastructure must be treated holistically. For example, you no longer have an email system, a phone system, and a fax machine. These systems inter-operate more deeply than any other time in history. Unified messaging systems send and receive faxes directly through email, deliver voicemails electronically, turn an IM into an online meeting. Integration and streamlining is the name of the game today. It gives your company the edge over those who are still using technology based in the 2000s.

Newer, more modern systems and applications are also more secure. There is no such thing as “too small” for an attack anymore. There are organizations around the world dedicated to hijacking files and systems demanding a ransom for their return. zakłady sportowe i bukmacherskie kontra multilotek chomikuj It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re using the latest software from vendors that care about security. Especially now that many of these applications have an online component. You don’t want software to be a chink in your technological armor just to save a few bucks.

Hardware is just as important as the software and cloud systems you use. Sure, one machine maybe $300 or $400 cheaper than another. But if the system performs so inefficiently that the user is waiting on actions to finish…are you really saving money? Surveys show that 89% of office staff report work system performance being poor and costing them productivity, while almost half report that their home PC is better than their work PC. kasyno online na prawdziwe pieniadze Your average desktop or laptop will last 4 to 5 years. kasyno online polska Spending the extra few hundred bucks on the equipment will give you much higher ROI when you factor in your employee’s performance because they’re less likely to experience performance-related downtime, will be less distracted, and ultimately be more productive.

Keep up to stay ahead

Ultimately, it boils down to how you want to operate. If you want to have the edge over your competition, you need to ensure that the end-users are comfortable with their equipment & the systems they interact with daily.  Your investment in your IT infrastructure as one big picture, will accomplish more than bottom-lining the individual components.

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