HIPAA Compliance

NFC is your HIPAA compliance partner.

HIPAA is complex, and achieving and maintaining compliance is a significant, ongoing effort that requires time, people, and resources. But with NFC, you can fully trust that your networks are secure and your data is safe, so you can stop worrying about compliance and focus on keeping your patients on track to better oral health and your practice on par to achieve its goals.

We can make sure you’re in compliance by:

  • Encrypting all patient data and email
  • Backing up, storing and encrypting all patient information in two separate places
  • Perform risk assessments on your networks every 12 months
  • Store information off-site with encryption
  • Tune your computers so they automatically log off and lock
  • Install a commercial security firewall
  • Ensure your policies and in place and implemented

Consequences of not being HIPAA compliant
The risks for not being in compliance with HIPAA regulations can cost your practice—big. Don’t take the chance on lawsuits, monetary fines and potential criminal penalties by not taking HIPAA compliance seriously. Partnering with NFC to help you achieve compliance will cost you much less than what you’ll pay if you’re in violation.

You can’t afford to face HIPAA alone, let NFC be the solution you’ve been searching for.

FREE Network & Computer System HIPAA Assessment

You can't afford to risk it. Our FREE HIPAA Assessment will identify any areas of concern while increasing your network's efficiency and ensuring that your systems are running smoothly and securely. Call us today to schedule your free assessment:  317.219.3002