Open Dental

Practice management software that's full featured and won't cost you and arm and leg...or tooth.

Open Dental is an open source Practice Management Software, under the GNU General Public License. This means that independent software developers can contribute to further developing the project. Because of the free and open nature of the actual development of the software, you don’t actually have to pay for the software or license it yourself as you do with the Dentrix, EagleSoft and the other major practice management suites.

Just because it's open source doesn't mean it's cut rate. Opendental has been developed by dental professionals, for dental professionals. It's feature-rich interface was designed by dentists with years of experience running practices. They also offer paid support that is held to the same rigorous standards. Additionally , we work directly with them to migrate your current data to their system from a wide variety of competitor applications.

Full Featured

Just because it does not cost as much as the top vendors doesn't mean you sacrifice features!

  • Discount Plans
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Graphical Tooth Chart
  • Built-in, Graphic, and Custom Reports
  • Online Patient Web Forms
  • Email and Integrated Texting
  • Mobile Web App