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Unified Communication Phone SystemUnified Communication Phone System

Unified Communication Phone Systems

Unified Communication Phone Systems are perfect for dental practices or any business where sensitive medical records are shared. Our system allows you to communicate on any mobile or landline device you prefer. Communication is encrypted and sent over a secure internet connection. You can access medical records remotely and share files without exposing them to hackers. You can also contact clients on your personal phone without exposing your phone number. The phone number they see on their caller ID is your office number, not your personal phone number.

  • 100% cloud based phone system
  • Video, audio and web conferencing
  • Online fax capabilities
  • Chat line and texting
  • File sharing
  • Real time presence
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Personalized dashboards controlled by each employee
  • Complies with HIPAA regulations
  • Purchase or lease pricing. No more equipment to own, maintain and replace. Stay up to date with equipment upgrades and repairs.



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