Microsoft tried with limited success with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to unify the desktop and mobile markets with a single experience. While performing well on tablets and touch first devices the OS failed to impress enterprise clients with its touch-centric interface. This summer though Microsoft plans to rebuild its desktop reputation by providing features sorely missed in Windows 8. They are bringing back the start menu, of course with live tiles as well, but for desktop users it will feel much more familiar. bukméker sapka Microsoft is planning to release the OS for as many platforms as possible including x86 and x64 for traditional desktop and laptop computers, ARM for smaller phones and tablets, XBOX, and even on Raspberry Pi, a small computer on a single board.

Windows 10 Start Menu

The company is pushing for a summer release but chances are it won’t hit most computers until early fall. They are offering consumer users free upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8. While these free versions will most likely be only for home and single users Microsoft has been tight lipped about what future cost these versions might incur. Microsoft is saying that Windows will not become a subscription service like Office 365.

We have been testing the new version since its preview release in September 2014 and have been very pleased. We believe that this will truly be the Windows 7 replacement that Windows 8 was never going to be. nyerogepes jatekok ingyen Microsoft has been designing this new version to be the last version of windows. They have been perfecting their update technology so that they can deliver smaller and feature rich updates.

Some of the other features we have been seeing in preview releases include, the return of the Aero Glass look and feel of Windows 7, Microsoft Cortana Assistant, Microsoft Edge (the internet browser replacement for Microsoft’s 20 year old web browser, and much more. online tippmix ) Microsoft is also trying to bridge the IOS, Android gap by allowing apps built for those platforms to be easily ported to Windows. If Microsoft keeps up their new user centric attitude it is possible that they will create an OS that can surpass the success of Windows 7.

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced that the general availability for Windows 10 will be July 29th, 2015 They also announced that their upgrade program will also apply to some or all of its business customers!

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