The stain on the ceiling tile was barely noticeable. Who would have ever looked up and anticipated that 30 gallons of storm water would leak through the roof during the night and settle on that one ceiling tile positioned above the dental office server? Or that its ability to hold back all of that water would be challenged throughout the night as the ceiling tile turned into a bulging pocket of goo before giving way and deluging the server with all that water. In an instant, zap! There went the dental office server!

We live in an age where we depend upon our technology to work for us. However, computers don’t live on indefinitely, especially when stuff happens. Whether by accident or old age, your computer hardware will stop working at some point in the future. What should you do when your dental office hardware fails? Who would you call? And just how long will you be without your system?

You could be up in mere minutes

There are a couple of options that are available to dental practices to keep your doors open even when your hardware fails. We provide a hardware loaner service that will replace your broken components until you can replace them. This includes servers, workstations and other network equipment such as routers and switches. We have short-term and long-term loaner programs available. In an emergency, we can have these items to you the same day. It just takes a phone call to reach us.

However, before the loaner hardware gets to your door, we can also help you run your office off of a remote server if you are using a hybrid cloud disaster recovery system with a continuous backup feature. Here is how this works: two identical backups of your system are made and stored. melyik a legjobb fogadóiroda One at your location and one in an offsite cloud server. The system is backed up automatically multiple times during the day. If your server fails, we can help you gain access to the remote server with any device that has an internet connection. You have the ability to keep seeing patients and accessing their records from the cloud server until we can get your loaner equipment to you, loaded with your system software and operational. tippmix eredmények élő Since the cloud server and your internal server are backed up at the very same time, you can be assured that you are operating with the most up-to-date information on your clients. With a continuous backup system, you can be running in a matter of minutes after a disaster.

Other benefits of a loaner program

There are other benefits to using a loaner program for your dental office. If you need to perform conversions or data migrations, using loaner equipment can be much more cost effective than purchasing the hardware to do so. The last thing you want is valuable data that should have been migrated to your server, but is now lost on an old computer’s hard drive that has crashed. Don’t let the cost of hardware keep you from taking care of important migrations or upgrades. We can provide you with the hardware necessary to perform network migrations.

Ongoing hardware rentals

A benefit of a long-term loaner program is you never have to worry about replacing another piece of hardware. You can rent our equipment on an ongoing basis. We keep all of these components current. play gaminator slots free online When their lifecycle is nearing completion, we simply replace them at no additional charge to you. Computer hardware is one less thing you have to worry about in your practice.

Your dental computer system is too important to your business success to leave it to chance. Take a look at your system. If it is aging, consider using a loaner program to replace your old equipment. Take a look at your backup systems as well. If your system failed, do you have the offsite backup to keep you running? If not, consider a disaster recovery system that will provide you with immediate access to your files. Stuff happens! Make sure you are prepared for it.

Greg and Wayne Polakoff are IT Consultants with NFC IT. They specialize in Dental Practice computer system security and compliance. Contact them at or